Hackney group calls for climate change action

The effects of climage change

The effects of climage change - Credit: Archant

Sustainable Hackney, an umbrella group of local environmental and community groups will be marching to call for urgent action on climate change this Saturday.

The group will meet outside CLR James Library in Dalston Lane at 11.30am on Saturday March 7 to travel together to the national demonstration for action against climate change in central London.

Other local supporters will join them at Lincoln Inn Fields off Holborn at 12.45pm.

Kathryn Johnson, secretary of Sustainable Hackney, said: “The gravity of the situation cannot be underestimated.

“The homes and food of billions of people are under real and present danger. This is not scaremongering. “We are facing extremes in temperatures and the environmental systems on which we all depend for our survival are under changing now.

World political leaders, under the heavy influence of the well-paid lobbyists of vested interests in the oil, gas and other industries, have sat around for nearly 30 years passing pious resolutions and doing nothing. Time is running out.”

The group is calling on the United Nations to sign a new global climate protection treaty in Paris this December.