This week 60 years ago: London Fields bakery fined for selling loaf of bread after a cockroach ‘just slipped in’

The Gazette 60 years ago

The Gazette 60 years ago - Credit: Archant

A bakery firm was fined for selling a loaf of bread containing a “dismembered” cockroach, this week 60 years ago.

Hanbury Bakeries Ltd in Broadway Market, London Fields, was fined £19 and ordered to pay three guineas costs.

Old Street Magistrates Court heard how Mrs Morgan from Brougham Road, Dalston, had bought two small wrapped cut loaves of bread. When she opened one the next day she saw that in four of the slices were parts of a "dismembered insect".

It was analysed and found to be a cockroach.

The bakery had already been in court 10 days earlier for selling a loaf of bread containing a piece of metal.

Defence counsel Anthony Marks said: "They take every precaution to ensure that nothing gets in their flour. This is another unfortunate case where, despite all their precautions, this cockroach has just slipped in. It is a case of pure misfortune as it was in the last case."