This week 30 years ago: Hackney police probe claims of ‘sadistic dog-fighting syndicate’ after Pit bull savages woman

The Gazette 30 years ago

The Gazette 30 years ago - Credit: Archant

A ferocious fighting dog savaged a volunteer police woman, the Gazette reported this week 30 years ago.

Police probed claims a sadistic dog fighting syndicate was operating in Hackney.

The "devil dog" - a pit bull terrier - leapt from a disused shop and cornered a special constable in a bakery and ripped her heel off.

The dog was captured and put to sleep.

It was covered in scars consistent with the Battle- wounds of an experienced fighting dog.

The frenzied attack added new evidence to an ever-growing dossier of information which suggested the sickening "sport" has taken a foot hold in Hackney.

A growing number of Staffordshire bull terrier pets had mysteriously gone missing and were feared kidnapped to act as sparring partners for pit bulls.

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