This week 30 years ago: Exotic parrot at death’s door nursed back to health by abandoned dog

This week 30 years ago

This week 30 years ago - Credit: Archant

An exotic parrot at death’s door was nursed back to health by a mongrel dog who had been left to die in a rubbish bin, this week 30 years ago.

The pair had became best friends, the Gazette reported, and even shared a bed.

Both had been taken under the wing of animal lover Doreen Miller, who ran Chas and D Pet Shop in Amhurst Road, Lower Clapton.

Binny the dog had been rescued from starvation from a friend who heard him whimpering in a dustbin. The young African Grey bird was brought into the shop by a man wandering to sell it, and it really was "as sick as a parrot". He had sadly chewed his wings which were just two inches long, could hardly breathe, and a vet said there was no way he would survive.

Although the parrot, called Chancer, pecked Binny on the nose when he came over to say hello, they eventually couldn't bear to be parted. Chancer was extremely afraid of humans but he did allow Binny to come close, and they played together with toys.

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