Hackney in top five worst in London for hit and runs

The fatal collision happened in Wick Road at about 2pm

The fatal collision happened in Wick Road at about 2pm - Credit: Archant

Hackney is in the top five worst London boroughs for hit and runs, according to new figures from the Met Police.

Last year 191 people were injured, and one killed, in hit and run incidents across the borough. Hackney ranks as the fifth worst in London behind Newham, Ealing, Westminster and - at the top of the list – Tower Hamlets, with 240 victims in 2013.

Hackney also emerged as the fourth worst for pedestrian and cyclist victims, with 52 pedestrian and 71 cyclist victims respectively.

Keir Apperley, manager of Cycling Club Hackney, was the victim of a hit and run in October 2012 at the junction of Northwold Road and Upper Clapton Road.

He said: “I was travelling north towards Stamford Hill and got clipped by a car speeding through the inside. The driver must have heard something but carried on. More by luck than judgement I was left unhurt, but I was really fed up.

“This was the only time I have suffered a hit and run but I can’t count the amount of near misses I’ve had by speeding ‘one shot’ types. What also bothers me is the knowledge that many drivers in Hackney do so uninsured.”

Figures also indicate that the number of hit and runs in the capital is on the rise, with 4154 people injured or killed last year. Almost a fifth of injuries from London road collisions are now linked to such incidents.

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London Assembly Green Party Member Jenny Jones said: “The Mayor ought to be demanding that police enforce the rules of the road. I am shocked that over a thousand pedestrians could be victims of hit and runs in London last year, and it isn’t regarded as a major scandal by the Mayor and senior officers in the London Metropolitan Police.

“I hope that the Met’s Transport and Traffic teams are given the resources and political backing to get on top of our lawless roads.”

A spokesman for the Met said: “The MPS treats road crime with the seriousness it deserves. Many drivers fail to stop because they are involved in criminal activity, have consumed alcohol or drugs or because they are uninsured or unlicensed. The Met is targeting these individuals using all available technology and intelligence to reduce the harm they can cause on London’s roads.”