Hackney Labour councillor resigns

Angus Mulready-Jones

Angus Mulready-Jones - Credit: Archant

A Hackney Labour councillor has resigned with just weeks to go before the May elections.

Angus Mulready-Jones who represented Dalston ward has landed a new job as a prison inspector in the civil service, which does not allow him to hold an elected political role.

There will be no by-election because his resignation comes less than six months before the elections on May 22.

Mr Mulready-Jones said: “I checked with the council as I was keen not to inflict a by-election on the poor people who would have to go out and campaign.

“While I regret residents in Dalston won’t have three councillors for several weeks, it’s definitely not a comment on any difficulties with the Labour group or my role at the council.”

He added: “I’ve throughly enjoyed representing Dalston ward but in terms of my resignation I was standing down in May, the ward boundaries are changing significantly, so my ward would no longer exist in its current form.”

In his new role Mr Mulready-Jones will be inspecting prisons up and down the country.

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“Ensuring prisons are safe places where people are held securely and are given purposeful acts to enable them to resettle into communities in a successful way is a fascinating job and the philosophy behind it too,” he said.