Hackney Labour party to support Generation Rent campaign to end Section 21 ‘no-fault’ evictions for private tenants

Cllr Sem Moema (L), Hackney's mayoral advisor for private renting and housing affordability, gives a

Cllr Sem Moema (L), Hackney's mayoral advisor for private renting and housing affordability, gives a private renter advice. Picture: Sean Pollock - Credit: Archant

The Hackney Labour party will work with a top housing charity to demand the government abolishes “no-fault” evictions of private sector tenants.

Currently landlords can evict people from their homes whenever they please through a Section 21 notice.

But mayoral adviser for private-renting Cllr Sem Moema says the loss of private rented housing is the leading cause of homelessness in Hackney. The party will work alongside Generation Rent and support its Unfair Evictions Campaign.

“Section 21 evictions are now the single biggest cause of homelessness in England,” said Cllr Moema who is proposing a motion for the next full council meeting in February. “Homeless applications in Hackney have increased significantly recently and we are seeing a mounting number of families in temporary accommodation and people rough sleeping.”

Abolishing Section 21 evictions would also improve standards and increase tenants’ confidence.

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Most of England’s 11 million renters are on tenancies with fixed terms of six months or a year; after which landlords can evict them with just two months’ notice.

Generation Rent say: “Renters are not just a convenient source of income - they are people who need a home. If the government scrapped Section 21 and gave more protection to the tenant, it would discourage landlords from selling up or churning their properties, give tenants more of stake in their home, and more confidence to make requests.”

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