Hackney man who stabbed New Year’s house guest 13 times is jailed

Peter Ormes told his victim “I like you but I’m going to have to kill you”

A Hackney man who stabbed his house guest 13 times after telling him “I like you but I’m going to have to kill you” has been caged indefinitely.

Peter Ormes, 46, lured his victim to his Well Street flat for a New Year’s drink at about 4am on January 1, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

Thirty minutes into the visit, Ormes told the man, who was also 46 years old, “I like you but I’m going to have to kill you,” before grabbing a stainless steel kitchen knife and stabbing him in the chest, neck and mouth.

The man only escaped after fooling Ormes into thinking he was dead and then climbing out of a window.

He was given life-saving first aid by a neighbour, who was later given a �500 reward, but suffered a punctured lung, lacerated liver and lost two front teeth in the attack.

Ormes denied attempted murder but was found guilty at Snaresbrook Crown Court on June 30. Judge David Radford gave him an indeterminate prison sentence with a minimum of 10 years on Friday (August 12).

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Det Const Rhodri Gardner, From Hackney CID, who lead the investigation, said: “I would like to say thank you to those who helped bring about the result and ensured such a dangerous person was convicted of attempted murder.

“The standard of evidence required to prove attempted murder beyond reasonable doubt is high and this could only of have been obtained with good initial police response to secure evidence and comprehensive further investigation.

“This sentence means that Peter Ormes will serve a sentence of 10 years, and will only be released if deemed safe.”

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