Hackney Marathon man goes through hell

Luke Collyer pulled two huge tyres the length of the London Marathon to raise money for charity

A De Beauvoir man went through “utter hell” to raise over �1,000 for charity, by pulling two large tyres the length of the London Marathon.

Luke Collyer, 40, of Downham Road took 14 hours and four minutes to complete the 26 mile feat, securing fund for Meru, a charity which designs and custom-makes life-changing equipment for disabled children and young people.

“It was utter hell - from start to finish. The agony was insane,” said Luke who works for the London Ambulance Service.

“In between fending off cramps over both legs and sheer exhaustion, there were the moments when the tyres would catch on a curb or slight rise and stop me dead in my tracks, winding me to the point of collapse.

“It was a huge satisfaction to finish the walk - partly because I’d focused my mind on a task and completed it, but mainly because I’d said I’d do something for a worthy charity and had not let them down.”

In total 15 London Ambulance Service runners raised over �11,000 for MERU.

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Luke is still fundraising for MERU, to support him go to http://www.justgiving.com/lukecollyer