Hackney mayor calls on Theresa May to launch independent inquiry into Windrush scandal

Phil Glanville. Picture: Gary Manhine/Hackney Council

Phil Glanville. Picture: Gary Manhine/Hackney Council - Credit: Archant

Phil Glanville has called on Theresa May to launch an independent inquiry into the ongoing Windrush generation scandal and end her “hostile environment” approach.

The Hackney mayor has written to the Prime Minister following home secretary Savid Javid’s comments last year he would “do the right thing” and make the system more humane. Mr Glanville said: “Six months on, I am yet to see the meaningful action which to my mind, and that of my residents, would constitute ‘the right thing’ having been delivered.”

He also spoke of Hackney’s “long cherished history” of migration – thousands of the Windrush generation live in the borough. He added: “To see valued members of society being treated as second class citizens by your government has left me, and I imagine any fair-minded individual, appalled”.

Mr Glanville said the proposed compensation scheme was inadequate and called for Mrs May to broaden its scope.