Hackney Mayor: Queen's Speech concerned with 'hobby horses'

Hackney's mayor Philip Glanville has called out the prime minister's plans to scarp lasting Covid restrictions

Phil Glanville has criticised the Prime Minister's plans - Credit: Hackney Council and PA Wire/PA Images

Hackney’s newly elected mayor has said the Queen’s Speech is about “populist hobby horses rather than tackling the cost of living crisis”. 

The speech contained 38 bills – pieces of proposed legislation – on topics including regeneration, policing, Brexit, education and energy.

A statement from the Government read: “In these challenging times, this government will provide the leadership needed to deliver for you.

“Your priorities are our priorities and we are focused like a laser on the issues that matter to you most.“ 

Hackney Mayor Philip Glanville, who won another term at the helm last week, said: “Three years after the Government first said it would level up the country, today’s speech shows ministers still have no idea what it means in practice.

“The lack of meaningful policy in today’s speech showed a Government prioritising populist hobby horses over action to tackle the major issues facing Hackney and the country.”