Hackney mother says son, 15, ‘forced’ to have jab

Nicola Benjamin with her son Tarshan at the City academy

Nicola Benjamin with her son Tarshan at the City academy - Credit: Archant

A mother has slammed health professionals after her 15-year-old son fainted just hours after being vaccinated at school “without parental consent”.

The City Academy pupil Tashan Benjamin-Barber claimed nurses attending the school, in Homerton Row, told him he needed the jabs to go to university – despite his mother insisting she returned two forms to the school saying she did not want him to have the injections.

Nicola Benjamin said: “I can’t believe this is happening. I thought it would be well within my parental right to choose whether these immunisations are given to him.

“I am completely horrified that my human rights have been denied. My child was given an NHS staff mobile phone to contact me.

“He called me twice, did not get an answer, was not encouraged to leave a message nor did they ask City Academy to contact me directly and decided that a Year 10 pupil had the right to make a serious medical decision for himself.

“My son was also told that if he did not have these vaccines he would receive a Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust school immunisation record card and would not be allowed to attend university in the future.”

Ms Benjamin said she opposed the jabs because Tashan had been vaccinated twice before in 2000 and 2001.

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But on March 11 he was given vaccinations for diphtheria, tetanus and polio and MMR – both of which he’d already had. He was also given the live vaccine for meningitis C, which he had already had in 2000.

Mrs Benjamin said Tashan came home complaining of a sore arm and fainted. She took him to hospital, where he was checked over and sent home – but she remains concerned about any lasting side-effects that repeat vaccinations could have.

A Homerton hospital spokesman said: “Homerton has received a complaint from a parent which we are currently investigating.

“The trust takes patient consent extremely seriously; we cannot comment further until we have completed our inquiries and have informed the complainant of our findings and of any action taken.”

The school said it could not comment on a complaint made against the health trust, which was visiting the school to issue the jabs.