Hackney mum left ‘hopeless’ while sleeping on sofas amid housing dispute

Hale Fedai is in a housing dispute with the council. Picture: Submitted by Hale Fedai

Hale Fedai is in a housing dispute with the council. Picture: Submitted by Hale Fedai - Credit: Archant

A Hackney mum has felt forced to sofa-surf with her three-year-old daughter amid a long-running homelessness dispute with the council.

After losing her flat near Homerton Hospital as the coronavirus crisis took hold this year, Hale Fedai has been sofa-surfing with her daughter and asking for housing help from Hackney Council.

The authority is not offering to house Hale and her daughter because it believes she can live with her mother long term.

However, Hale says this is not an option because it could potentially jeopardise her mother’s mental health to live with a young child, and Hale’s relationship with her mother.

READ MORE: Hackney Gazette’s Hidden Homeless campaign“I have been going to my friend’s house, a one-bed so I am literally sleeping on the sofa. It has been rough to be honest,” Hale said.

“I feel like we are being neglected again and I am not getting any help. I feel hopeless.

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“My daughter can’t go into her own bedroom, she doesn’t have any stability.

“All her friends have bedrooms and a place to go to and even at mum’s, it is nanny’s to her, so she is confused and I think that is why for the last couple of nights she has suffered night terrors.”

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Hale’s former landlady did not wish to provide comment.

A spokesperson from Hackney Council said: “The circumstances described regarding Ms Fedai’s mother’s address do not correspond to the discussions we have previously had with Ms Fedai who had been considering joining the Housing Association tenancy with her mother.

“We consider that this accommodation is still available to Ms Fedai.”

Hale said joining the Housing Association requires permanent living at her mother’s address for at least 12 months.

The Hackney Council spokesperson continued: “As a result of legislation changes brought about by the Covid pandemic, no tenant may be evicted from a property at this time. The council will provide appropriate advice to support tenants who are under threat of eviction or who consider that they have been evicted illegally.

“In this instance, Ms Fedai has sought independent legal advice.”

During the coronavirus lockdown, the government’s ministry of housing, communities and local government has enforced an eviction-ban until August 23.

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