Hackney nursery tots stage carnival

Carnival Tots

Carnival Tots - Credit: Archant

Nursery school children donned sparkles and feathers for their own version of Notting Hill Carnival on Friday.

St Michael’s Day Nurseries, Blurton Road, Clapton Park, created floats and learned dance routines. There was a costume competition and food from around the world.

Diarmaid Williams, father of two-year-old Ruadhan Williams, of Lea Bridge Road, said: “It was absolutely fantastic”.

Ruadhan went on to win Best costume.

Mozean, two, was crowned King of the Carnival. His mother Evelyn Sandy, of Woodbury Downs, said: “I enjoyed myself and Mozean was in his element; he has been singing all the carnival songs non-stop.”

Lota Okonkwo, aged two, of Rushmore Rd, was crowned queen of the carnival. Her grandmother said:

“I can’t believe the nursery did all this for the children to understand about the carnival.”

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Lola Labinjo, head of learning, said: “Everything the children learn has real-life relevance and a purpose to it. The Carnival is so much more than glitz and glamour I feel like the children staff and parents genuinely experienced that; they learnt about the spirit, the joy and the energy which is all part of the Carnival culture and I feel proud and happy that we’ve done this.”