Hackney passers-by help as mum gives birth in minicab

Proud Stoke Newington parents have praised the Hackney cabbie and passers-by who helped to deliver their baby daughter in the back of a taxi.

Chloe Meacher, 34, gave birth suddenly as she was rushed to Homerton Hospital on February 28, after going into labour that evening at 6pm.

Her husband Tom Walker had helped her into a mini cab at 8.45pm - and just ten minutes later they held a bouncing baby girl in their arms.

Ishmail Hayta, of Premier Cars in Stoke Newington Church Street, drove the pair from their home in Alkham Road along Lower Clapton Road towards the hospital.

But Tom, 35, asked him to stop as he realised the baby’s arrival was imminent.

“The important thing was to keep calm and focused during the birth,” said the civil servant.

“I didn’t think the baby was definitely coming or that I was going to have to deliver it myself.

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“It all happened in an incredibly short amount of time but it seemed like it was forever. I can remember every single detail.”

“The most amazing thing was the way your body just takes over,” said Chloe, a corporate affairs manager.

“All of a sudden I could feel something moving inside Tom’s trousers that I was wearing, and I could feel her head.”

Tom delivered the 7lb 8oz baby with the help with 43-year-old Ishmail, of Edmonton, as well as a passing GP and three men from a nearby shop named only as Leonard, Steve and Mike.

“When Tom picked her up he became a dad and a hero at the same time. It was quite an amazing moment,” said Chloe.

Both mother and baby, who is yet to be named, were treated to the Homerton but arrived home safe and well on Thursday (March 3).

Tom and Chloe thanked Ishmail and the passers-by, who they asked to get in touch.

“Their spirit and support was incredible and showed such instinctive willingness to help,” they said.

Premier Cars controller Andy Camur said: “”We carry a lot of pregnant women to the hospital and have had similar incidents in the past but not quite so far-fetched. This was unique.”