Hackney pedestrian injured by speeding car makes amazing recovery

Nick Snow (right) and his partner Brodie, in the 10k Marathon.

Nick Snow (right) and his partner Brodie, in the 10k Marathon. - Credit: Archant

A pedestrian who suffered horrific injuries after being hit by a speeding car has secured a substantial payout to fund his ongoing rehabilitation.

Nick Snow was on his way home from a work leaving-do in March 2011 when he sustained a head injury, a broken collar bone, ribs and ankle and a fracture to his spine, and open fractures to his right leg and left arm when the car hit him as he was crossing Rectory Road, Stoke Newington.

The 31-year old was also left with nerve damage and tinnitus and severe loss of hearing in his left ear.

The driver – who was travelling in excess of 55mph in a 30mph zone – said he did not see Mr Snow cross the road, and was found guilty of driving without due care and attention and ordered to pay a fine.

Mr Snow said: “It took a while for what had happened to sink in, from the severity of the accident and scale of my injuries to how lucky I was to be alive.

“I was fortunate that my partner and family put their lives on hold to visit me every day and my friends were massively supportive to us all.

“I found it difficult to process what had happened and for a long time ran through a lot of “what if” and “if only” type of scenarios in my head.”

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Nearly four years on after a long legal battle, expert serious injury lawyers Irwin Mitchell secured him a substantial undisclosed settlement to fund his ongoing rehabilitation and a procedure to fit cochlear implants to help restore his hearing, which is thought to be the first of its kind.

Mr Snow has amazed his family and friends in his recovery, and apart from his hearing he is almost back to normal, having received treatment like cognitive behaviour treatment and physiotherapy to help his balance and reduced range of movement.

Last September he even completed the Run to the Beat Half Marathon in just over two hours and raised over £900 for the London Air Ambulance which helped save his life

“My family have been a pillar of strength for me since the accident and at times it has been difficult for us all to cope as my rehabilitation has been incredibly hard on them but it is great to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“The nurses and physiotherapists at Homerton were amazing and very encouraging and I just took each day as it came,” he said.

“The half marathon was difficult but I had completed a fair amount of training in the lead up to it and wanted to set myself a challenge to prove that I was back to good health.

“I am pleased and relieved that my legal battle has now come to a close and I can move on with the rest of my life, look towards the future and return to the life I was living prior to the crash as far as possible.”