Hackney pupils campaign for road safety

Hundreds of Hackney schoolchildren hit the streets as part of a record-breaking safety campaign.

Several local schools participated by forming “walking buses” for the national Kids Say Slow Down campaign, run by road safety charity Brake. In 2010 more than 130,000 British children created walking buses, but Brake hopes to beat that record this year.

Gainsborough Primary School, in Berkshire Road, did their bit to help with 300 children from years one to six all taking part on Wednesday, June 15.

PE teacher Abraham Byleveldt said: “I think it highlighted the enjoyment and health benefits of walking, while learning about road safety as well. I think it went really well, and the children really enjoyed it.

“Next year, we’d like to do it again but we’ll raise money for Brake at the same time, either through sponsorship or donations.”

Holmleigh Primary School, in Dunsmere Road, also participated and head teacher Kevin Ward said most children donated �1 to join the walking bus, which raised about �200 for Brake.

He added: “It was great. We had 250 kids and about 50 parents taking part. We made lots of noise and stopped the traffic. We walked to Springfield Park and played games.”