Hackney pupils hit the high note at the House of Lords

Pupils from Hackney have hit the high note, by penning two songs to mark the Olympics coming to the borough.

The 27 Year 6 pupils, who The Learning Trust selected as Primary School Ambassadors for London 2012, launched the two songs at a special event celebrating young achievers at the House of Lords last week.

Led by The Nathan Timothy Foundation, The Songwriting Charity, the musical group spent two days in Easter holiday devising the tunes and filming music videos to go with them.

They also designed a CD sleeve for the two songs ‘Determination’ and ‘Extra, extra, read all about it’.

Darryl Fortune-Allen, 11, of St Dominic’s Primary School added: “We’ve learnt so much such as making lyrics out of topics, brainstorming and I’ve also enjoyed being with friends and making raps and seeing how songs are put together.

The scheme is part of the Learning Trust’s Schools at the Heart programme to engage young people in the run up to the Games.

To listen to the songs go to http://soundcloud.com/the-songwriting-charity/tracks