F1 driver surprise guest as Hackney hosts Question Time

File photo dated 15-07-2021 of Aston Martin's Sebastian Vettel. Issue date: Tuesday March 15, 2022.

Seb Vettel has been outspoken on social issues - Credit: PA

Hackney has a big name on the bill for when it hosts BBC 1 show Question Time this week - but viewers might be surprised to see it is not a politician, but four-time Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel.

The 34-year-old, who won every championship from 2010-13, has used his profile to become an advocate for LBGT rights, climate change and human rights - being the first driver in this year’s championship to announce he would boycott a race in Russia. The Sochi grand prix was ultimately cancelled for 2022.

“I think there’s a lot that I can learn,” Vettel told Autosport magazine about the appearance on the live show on Thursday (May 12).

“Obviously, I have my opinion, I’m not saying it’s always right or wrong.”

Members of the public will ask questions to the panel on a variety of subjects and while he is more used to questions about the performance of his Aston Martin team car, the German driver said he was “open” to what is thrown his way.

Vettel has had a rocky start to the 2022 season, having missed the first two races with Covid-19. He has raced with a helmet decorated in Ukraine colours.

Fiona Bruce will present the hour of topical debate from 10.40pm on Thursday, May 12, on BBC 1.