Hackney riots - Two people arrested in property in Clarence Road

Police arrested a 19-year-old man and 18-year-old woman today (August 16) in a property in Clarence Road in connection with the violence in the very same street last week.

Property recovered from the address included a camera, believed to have been stolen from a journalist in Clarence Road during the riots, clothing, tools and a computer.

The pair remain in custody at an east London police station at this stage.

Officers raiding homes in Hackney following the looting have found a washing machine among the booty plundered from the borough’s businesses.

The bulky domestic device was just one of the items believed to have been stolen during the riots on Monday (August 8).

Other products found by police in the homes of suspected yobs include plasma televisions and sports clothing.

Officers have so far swooped on 18 homes in connection with the violence and the courts have authorised raids on a further 24 properties as the crackdown on criminals continues.

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A total of 119 people have so far been arrested in the borough.