Your thank you messages to schools, teachers and children after a strange year

Holly Freer, Hoxton Garden Primarry School.

Holly Freer, Hoxton Garden Primarry School. - Credit: Archant

The end of the school year has come, but many parents and children have been left without the normal opportunity to say goodbye to the staff who have made such a big difference.

Alanis, Gainsborough Primary School.

Alanis, Gainsborough Primary School. - Credit: Archant

In what has been a difficult year for schools due to the coronavirus pandemic, teachers and fellow staff have gone above and beyond to do their best for children in extreme circumstances.

Many parents and pupils have taken this opportunity to send a message to say thank you – to key workers and staff brilliant at putting their child at ease during lockdown, or who helped with homeschooling and reassured them on their return to classes. And, in return, school staff wish their pupils good luck for the future.

To the teachers and staff of Hoxton Garden Primary School.

Cameron Higgins, Kingsmead Primary School.

Cameron Higgins, Kingsmead Primary School. - Credit: Archant

We would like to say a big thank you. Especially to Year 1 teacher Miss Graden who continued to offer support online and with regular phone calls to help motivate the kids and parents as well working to look after the kids in school.

For her first year of teaching she has done a fantastic job and has left a lasting impression on all the kids.

Thank you.

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Love Holly Freer, age 6

Year 6, Mandeville Primary School.

Year 6, Mandeville Primary School. - Credit: Archant

To Mrs Worgess of Gainsborough School.

Thank you for all the fun we had. You’ve given me confidence in maths.

Love Alanis, year 5

Year 6, Gayhurst Community School.

Year 6, Gayhurst Community School. - Credit: Archant

To Kingsmead Primary School.

I work as a senior staff nurse at Starlight Children’s Outpatients. I would like to say a massive thank you to the school, they didn’t have to stay open but they did. With them staying open, I was able to continue to work which was brilliant. Otherwise my son Cameron would have had to move out until September.

Cameron absolutely loved his time at school, he did not complain once and the teachers were amazing, outstanding and brilliant. They definitely deserve the summer off.

Thank you so much

To Mandeville Primary School Year 6.

Mandeville Year 6, a group of the most talented pupils we have ever had the pleasure to teach.

When we think of you we are reminded why teaching is the best job in the world. As critical thinkers you have challenged us; as a caring community you have embraced us; as mathematicians, scientists, authors, you have inspired us. And some of you comedians have made us laugh along the way! We are so proud of you all and know that you will continue to make us proud in the future.

The resilience you have shown this year in the face of multiple challenges is something to be admired. We know you will continue the work you have already started in making this world a better place.

Remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.

To all of our Year 6 children at Gayhurst Primary School.

A time to say goodbye for now, as you begin the next chapter moving into secondary school.

You have shown us this year, more than ever, what talented, resilient and hard working individuals you are. This year has provided additional challenge and to see how well you have all come back into school, settled back into routines and prepared for this next phase in your lives has been a privilege. The journey through primary school is like no other, and one that we know you will look back on with fond memories.

We wish you all every success in September and look forward to hearing all about your new experiences.

To Kingsmead Primary School, Year 6 class.

The time has come to say goodbye and wish you all well on your continued life journey.

Most of you have been part of the Kingsmead family for almost eight years and have grown into mature, sensible and unique individuals. There have been many wonderful memories created and you have made us all proud at Kingsmead. Your next step on your learning journey, ‘secondary school’, is a huge transition, and will be exciting and life-changing. You are all ready for this change and the new challenges that lie ahead. Believe in yourself, as we all believe in you. This is your chance to shine and make a difference and be who you want to be.

There is nothing you can’t achieve! Work hard, remain positive, look after each other and GO FOR IT!

We know you will continue to make us all proud at Kingsmead.