Haggerston school staff ‘go above and beyond’ delivering food packages to self-isolating families

Headteacher Charlotte Whelan is among other members of staff at Hackney New School  delivering food to self-isolating...

Headteacher Charlotte Whelan is among other members of staff at Hackney New School delivering food to self-isolating families. Picture: Hackney New School - Credit: Hackney New School

Dedicated staff at a Haggerston school are supporting families self-isolating during the Covid-19 pandemic by delivering food straight to their doors.

Hackney New School has teamed up with school catering company, Olive Dining, to deliver parcels for families with children on free school meals.

The supplies are being distributed by local bike courier company Zedify to ensure all deliveries are eco-friendly and carbon neutral.

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Headteacher Charlotte Whelan said: “Many families are facing particular hardship at this time, with many also self-isolating and unable to get to the shops.

“This a school and a community that does not stand back when one of our own needs help. We get involved, we do whatever we can.”

The parcels include 14 days’ worth of supplies so families have enough to eat while self-isolating, and so far, two lots of supplies have been delivered to 11 families.

Ms Whelan added: “Throughout this pandemic the staff at this school have gone above and beyond for our students and their families. We are not just a school but a family.

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“We stand together.”

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The school is paying for local deliveries and teachers, including Hackney New School’s headteacher, are delivering parcels to families that live further afield.

Admin manager at the school Fawzy Adam, who is leading the project, said: “If these students were at school, they would be receiving free meals so we must ensure they are being fed when they are self-isolating.

“It is not their fault and we know some families are having a difficult time now, so we have to be there to help out.

“At a time like this it is important that we all come together as a community to help wherever we can.”

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