Hackney students produce smartphone app, Broadgate Stories

A smartphone app which gives an insight into the art and architecture of Broadgate has been created by young people from Hackney.

Broadgate Stories uses GPS location to trigger recorded narratives about the sculptures,, paintings, water features and unusual architecture at the office and retail estate which lies next to Liverpool Street Station.

The stories were collected and produced by 25 Hackney Community College students, some of whom were not in education, employment, or training prior to the project.

They spoke to artists, like former Broadgate artist in residence Robert Mason.

“The students really listened to what I was saying and I think they caught some of the passion I feel about the Broadgate art and architecture,” he said.

The project was initiated by charitable art organization SPACE and property investor British Land, to help young people gain the skills necessary to bag a job within the digital and creative companies which proliferate in the nearby Tech City area.

British Land, which jointly owns Broadgate with Broadgate management, provided �25,000 funding.