'Community cohesion not division': People's town hall meeting planned

Hackney Town Hall 

Hackney Together aims to have people translating in as "many community languages as possible" during the event. It encourages residents to get in touch if they can help translate.  - Credit: Julia Gregory

A Hackney campaign group will be hosting a People's Town Hall meeting outside the Town Hall this month. 

Hackney Together has organised the event to coincide with the first full council meeting of the year on Wednesday, January 26. 

Though the group was initially formed in opposition to local low traffic neighbourhoods (LTN) schemes, its aim with this meeting is to bring Hackney residents together to speak about topics they believe are important. 

People can send the group questions and suggest topics for the meeting's agenda in advance and topics will also be taken from the floor on the night. 

A Hackney Together spokesperson said: "We would like people to voice suggestions, raise problems, put forward ideas, and maybe even come up with some solutions.

"We believe that working with, not against, each other is the way forward. Community cohesion not community division."

Send suggestions and offers of help to info@hackneytogether.org