Hackney town centre inspires Olympic song

A heartwarming moment in Hackney features in a new song, part of a project supporting a Dalston-based children’s charity.

The project, called Listen With Nigel, follows Nigel Parkes, as he travels around London on public transport during the Olympic Games and writes song lyrics inspired by what he sees and hears.

The idea is to raise awareness of family support charity Family Action, of which Nigel is a regional director, and give an alternative view of the capital during the Games.

“I’m not a song writer,” he said. “It’s just an old guy with a rucksack and a stool. I just potter around.

“The musicians are the real talent, I just write a few words.

“It’s a voyage of discovery in two ways. I’m discovering London as a northerner and the differences are dramatic in half a mile. Also I didn’t know I could write lyrics.

“It’s awesome but shattering.”

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Starting in Shoreditch, Nigel has travelled to the West End, Richmond and Stratford but it was an incident in Hackney town centre that helped inspire his song Gold of Tomorrow.

Nigel bought a slice of watermelon to eat whilst waiting at a bus stop in Graham Road, Hackney. He offered some to other people queuing, including a young girl with her mum.

“As she ate the melon she looked so pleased, then her head dropped down because she’d got a pip.

“That was one of my favourite moments of the journey so far. The lovely thing was that one of the songs begins with eating watermelon at a bus stop. That’s the image of the little girl in Graham Road. It was a lovely memory.”

Nigel’s lyrics are set to music – a different style every day – by musicians and there is a new song every day.

Next week he will visit Broadway Market.

His ssongs are available to listen free at http://www.facebook.com/familyaction/