Hackney Winter Warm Up protest blasts government and energy companies of “deadly obsession” with making money

A protest to highlight the serious problem of fuel poverty took place on the steps of the Town Hall on Sunday night.

Protestors gathered with their sleeping bags and duvets for the Winter Warm Up, joining thousands of other people nationwide accusing the government and energy companies of a “deadly obsession with making money.”

Since privatisation the six big energy companies have made billions of pounds of profit and now the government is cutting its Winter Fuel Allowance.

Caroline Allen, Green Party London Assembly candidate for North East London who attended said: “6.3 million homes are in fuel poverty in the UK, and it is estimated that around 2,700 people died last winter as a direct result of being ‘fuel poor’ - this is a shocking figure.

“What makes me even more angry is that these companies are making hundreds of millions of pounds of profit and paying their executives millions, while at the same time trying to push the blame for price rises onto much needed investment in Green energy,” she added.