Haggerston celebrates Cambodian New Year

Hundreds of people joined the colourful celebrations for Cambodian New Year in Haggerston last Saturday.

Traditional dances were performed in costume by members of the community at the VLC Community Centre in Whiston Road.

Celebrations, organised by The Cambodian Society, began with a blessing from Ajahin Amaro, Abbot of the Amaravati Monastery, and the congregation offering dana (charity) to the bikkhus (monks).

The highlight of the evening was a performance of the Hanuman (monkey) dance by a member of the Royal Ballet of Cambodia.

Sobopha Owen, a member of The Cambodian Society who helped organise the event said: “It’s an exhibition for the children so they don’t forget their culture.”

She added: “You don’t have to be Buddhist to attend our events; everyone is welcome.”

The event at the VLC Community Centre celebrated the three-day New Year festival from April 13-15.