‘Haggerston Hopeful’ blogs for job

A Haggerston jobseeker set herself a challenge to find new employment within one month, and has been blogging about her progress every step of the way.

Holly Wilkinson is leaving her current job tomorrow (Friday) and had hoped to have a new job set up before then.

The 26-year-old works as the manager of a private health clinic in central London. But she is desperate to change directions with an exciting new career “in the creative field”, so she handed in her notice at the end of May.

Ms Wilkinson, of De Beauvoir Road, launched her blog, called ‘Haggerston Hopeful’, in the middle of June.

“The blog is more for my sanity, really,” she told the Gazette. “I met up with a freelance recruiter and she suggested the idea. I got really fired up and enthused about it, because it’s a good way to track my progress.”

Readers are able to regularly visit Ms Wilkinson’s blog, to find out how she is getting on. She has an art history degree, and would love to do something creative, particularly in the advertising industry, but she is applying for all kinds of jobs.

She said: “The race is on – otherwise I’ll have to sign on. It’s pretty scary.

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“This is my opportunity to make a change in my life, but I’ve got to weigh that up with ‘how will I pay my rent in August?’

“I’ve applied for about 33 jobs and had a few outright rejections because I didn’t have enough relevant experience, but I’ve been for several interviews and I’m still waiting to hear from them.”

She intends to continue blogging until she is successful.

People interested in following Ms Wilkinson’s job blog – or contacting her with job offers - should visit hollyberrys.tumblr.com.