Haggerston mum gives birth despite not knowing she was pregnant

Midwives say it’s rare for a woman to not know she’s pregnant

A Haggerston mum - who didn’t realise she was pregnant - has given birth to a “miracle baby.”.

Lesley Nicholl’s son, Nathan, was delivered by caesarean section in Homerton Hospital, after she complained of severe stomach pains on February 23.

“I had scans, tests, I was still in major pain - eventually they discovered there was this baby inside me, right up against my rib cage,” said the 35-year old who lives on Regents Estate, in Pownall Road.

Nathan – named because it means “gift of God” - came out weighing 9lb 2oz and was very wrinkly and dry – a sign that was well overdue.

“Even the hospital is saying he’s a miracle baby because he’s come out perfect,” said Lesley, who had been carrying on as normal with her job as deputy manager at Teddy Bear School House Nursery in Mayola Road, Lower Clapton.

“I didn’t stop eating anything, and before Christmas I was sick with bronchitis and had two courses of antibiotics - all that could have harmed him,” said Lesley who didn’t experience any cravings or sickness to give her an indication that she was pregnant.

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“I thought I’d put on a teeny bit of weight, but I’m big anyway, I couldn’t pass as a model,” she added.

“He’s a little miracle - he’s come into the world for a good reason and he’s going to be special to us all,” she said.

Her mother Susan Nicholl, 55, and partner Trevor Tull, 34, who is a nurse at Whitechapel’s Royal London Hospital were “shocked, but over the moon,” and Nathan’s siblings Ryan, 6, and 20-month Katie just can’t believe their luck that they have a new brother.

Head of midwifery at Homerton Hospital, Joan Douglas, said: “I’ve been midwife for 22 years, and I’ve never known a woman not to know she’s not pregnant

“It’s very very rare, and it’s usually if women are larger that the baby can be hidden away.”