Brave cancer patient shows disease “who’s boss”

Helen Weller

Helen Weller - Credit: Southern News & Pictures (SNAP)

A brave and inspirational fitness fan diagnosed with breast cancer has continued exercising throughout her treatment – and is now running 10km in a sponsored charity event to help find a cure.

Helen Weller, 33, from Manor House, is rallying other women to show their fighting spirit and sign up to the Race for Life in Victoria Park to raise money for Cancer Research UK through the sponsored 10k charity run on June 27.

Throughout her treatment the jazzercise instructor has been determined to keep her life as normal as possible – even opting to cycle to St Bart’s hospital for chemotherapy from her home because of her dislike of London transport.

Ms Weller said: “I couldn’t bear the thought of sitting around at home going crazy. I love exercise and whenever I’ve felt well enough I’ve tried to get out for a run or go kickboxing.

“After my first session of chemotherapy I cycled 30 miles around the Cotswolds. In retrospect it probably wasn’t the best idea but I wanted to continue doing the things I love.”

Following her diagnosis in July after finding a lump under her armpit, Ms Weller, who lives off Seven Sisters Road with her boyfriend Alex King, has strived to carry on as normal.

She said: “I used to have really long hair but I decided not to wear a cold cap during chemotherapy because I didn’t want my head to be freezing cold. I thought I would just accept it if it started to fall out, which it did. It looked really patchy so in the end Alex helped me shave it off. I had one tear running down my face when it happened but after that it was much easier.

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“I’ve had to be a lot more spontaneous when it comes to going out. Normally I buy tickets for gigs in advance but often I’ve had to cancel depending on how well I’ve felt. I just have to seize the moment when I can.

“I’m flying the flag in the fight against cancer as I’m determined to show this devastating disease who’s boss.”

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