GP thrilled to meet up with baby named after her who she helped deliver in a car

Dr Michelle Kennedy, left, with parents Dominic Millen, Ruth Drinkwater and baby Oriana.

Dr Michelle Kennedy, left, with parents Dominic Millen, Ruth Drinkwater and baby Oriana. - Credit: Archant

A baby who was born suddenly a week early will be named after the doctor they are eternally grateful to, who helped deliver her in the front seat of a VW Polo.

Dom and Ruth Millen were having a quiet night at home Walthamstow when Ruth began going into labour.

Dom said: “While this is not particularly remarkable the speed with which things developed and the kindness of strangers was.”

Dom’s step dad began driving them to Homerton’s maternity unit, but it became apparent from Ruth’s screaming that the birth was imminent and baby Oriana was already on her way out.

They pulled up in Powerscroft Road, and put in a panicked call to the maternity unit.

As fate would have it, Dr Michelle Kennedy was walking home to Stamford Hill from a restaurant and happened to pass at just the right moment.

The GP from the Lower Clapton Group Practice said: “I heard this woman screaming from the car, I could see there were people outside the car who were on the phone, so I went over and offered help, everything escalated from there.

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“It was obvious she was going to deliver in the next few minutes, and it wasn’t safe for them to go to the hospital.

“I think the most important thing was having someone take over control, it was obvious the husband was distraught, she was in so much pain I’m not sure she was even aware I was there throughout the delivery.”

Five minutes later Oriana was born and Dr Kennedy quietly slipped away from the scene while two ambulance crews took over.

Mr Millen said: “Ruth was a little over a week early but her labour was very quick - even the midwives were reluctant for me to bring her in when I did – but then escalated in the 15 minutes in the car.”

Dr Kennedy is thrilled that Oriana has been given Kennedy as a middle name.

“There was something quite magical about me being there at that point,” she said.

“I know I was only there for five minutes but the fact that I was able to help them and the fact that there was someone there who could take away some of the stress and pressure of that situation, I just feel as though I was meant to be there.

“I thought about it a lot afterwards and I’m just thankful she was fine and the baby was fine, it was quite exciting for me to be a part of it as well, in general practice we don’t usually get to see it.”

The Gazette arranged for Dr Kennedy to meet up with Oriana and her parents. Dr Kennedy said: “It was really quite emotional for all of us to meet up, particularly getting to hold Oriana, who opened her eyes really wide when I held her and I felt a rush of emotion seeing her again. “She really is a beautiful baby. “It has just sunk in how special it is to have a family name their little girl after you and what a powerful experience that was for everyone involved.”