Hackney joins new pilot supporting self-isolating people

Hackney has seen a reduction in the number of tests being carried out. Picture: PA/Wire

Hackney is part of a government pilot which aims to better support people self-isolating due to Covid. - Credit: PA/Wire

Vulnerable people self-isolating will be better supported after the Government announced Hackney as one of nine areas across the country piloting a new scheme.

The announcement on May 24 means more funding allocated to the council to support residents to self-isolate when infected with Covid. 

Cllr Chris Kennedy, the council's health lead, added:  “We welcome this much needed funding to support some of our most vulnerable communities to self isolate."

The news means alternative accommodation will be provided for residents in shared or overcrowded accommodation as well as translation services explaining isolation procedures and rapid referral for food provision and financial assistance. 

Tailored guides will also support specific groups such as the clinically vulnerable, frontline workers, single parent households, student and migrant renters and multigenerational households. 

Learn more at hackney.gov.uk/coronavirus-support