Painting Hackney Wick orange for men's mental health

MEUS founder Mark White

MEUS founder Mark White - Credit: MEUS

Hackney Wick will be getting an orange make-over this month by ten top graffiti and street artists raising awareness for men's mental health. 

Hackney-Wick based men's fitness and wellbeing platform MEUS aims to get more people talking about mental health with its Paint The Town Orange event for Men's Mental Health Month on November 20. 

The event will include graffiti art, community runs, a marching band, and live music. It will also raise funds for the charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). 

Founder of MEUS Mark White said: “Hackney Wick is our new home, I have personally been coming to the area for over 15 years and love the history, energy and sense of community so it felt like the best spot for MEUS headquarters.

"This event is hopefully the first of many we can lead on locally here at MEUS, it’s important for me and us to contribute positivity to the locals and demonstrate we are passionate about being part of the community."

One in eight men struggle with their mental health, according to an NHS psychiatric survey (2014), and many find it difficult to ask for help. 

So to spark more open conversations graffiti and street artists will be working side by side on November 20 to create artwork that reflects how they feel about mental health, using orange as the primary colour. 

In partnership with Run Grateful and other local running groups, MEUS will also be inviting the community to take part in a social 5km walk, jog or run.

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Mark added: "With the huge history around graffiti and street art, I loved the idea of connecting with the artists in new ways to bring everyone together for a unique experience.

"With a few other bits happening on the day, we are excited about seeing it play out, meeting new people and introducing ourselves.

Mark continued: "We have been overwhelmed with the response and so pleased with the uptake. We are looking forward to starting something that we believe can grow and have a huge impact for years to come.”