Hackney second in UK for chlamydia, herpes and overall STI diagnosis

Figures released yesterday show Hackney ranked a dismal second place in the UK for sexually transmitted infection (STI) diagnosis last year, with over 2,000 new cases.

City and Hackney Primary Care Trust (PCT) patients also ranked second in the UK in 2010 for herpes diagnosis, as well as chlamydia in the over-25 age group, according the Health Protection Agency (HPA) figures.

London had the highest rate of STI diagnosis in England, with diagnoses 50 per cent higher than any other region, and 12 of its 31 PCTs having the country’s overall worst infection rates.

Dr Paul Crook, an expert in STI trends for the HPA in London, said: “Whilst concerning, it is not a surprise to see that the highest STI rates are in London as rates do tend to be higher in regions with large and deprived urban centres.

“It is important that young people come forward for testing as substantial numbers of young people remain undiagnosed, untreated and unaware of the risk to their own health and others.

“The sooner people are diagnosed and treated, the less likely it is that they will pass the infection on or suffer complications from a developing infection.

The HPA recommends sexually active under-25 year olds should be tested for chlamydia every year - or sooner if they change their partner - and to always use a condom when having sex with a new partner and continuing to do so until both partners have been tested.