Hackney is one of the least vaccinated places in Britain

Covid vaccine vial.

Hackney has some of the lowest rates of vaccination in the country. - Credit: Hackney council

Hackney's director of public health has said low vaccine uptake in the borough is a result of its young population, high levels of deprivation and ethnically diverse population. 

The latest vaccination figures reveal Hackney has the second lowest rates of vaccine uptake in the country, second only to Tower Hamlets. For the week ending June 30, the percentage of people who have had both doses was at 27.4. 

Dr Sandra Husbands, director of public health for Hackney and City, said: “It comes as no surprise to me that areas with ethnically diverse populations, high levels of deprivation, overcrowded housing and poor digital access have amongst the lowest vaccination uptake.

"Added to that, our relatively young population in Hackney means that the opportunity to get vaccinated has only just opened up for most people in the borough.

"But, as a council, we have stepped up in Hackney and have been working with our diverse communities to understand barriers to vaccination and how we can best address them."

The doctor's comments follow the opening of a mass vaccine clinic opened at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium, for people of any age who are due for their second Pfizer jab and anyone aged 18 and over who has not yet had their first jab. 

More than 6,000 people have been vaccinated at the stadium in Hornsey Road since Friday, meaning there are about 4,000 doses still available.

To encourage vaccination the council has hosted webinars, pop-up vaccination clinics and helped the NHS locate vaccination centres in the "hearts" of communities. A second all-household leaflet will also be delivered to every resident in Hackney this month and all care home residents have been offered the vaccine. 

Dr Husbands added: "The vaccine is safe and effective and has been given to over 44 million people in the UK. I’ve had both doses of the vaccine and I want to make sure you are kept safe from this terrible virus too.”

The bottom five local authorities for vaccination also include Newham, Islington and Hammersmith and Fulham. 

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The most vaccinated place in Britain is Wyre in Scotland. 

There are nine community walk-in pop up clinics taking place in Hackney over the next few weeks. Learn more at hackney.gov.uk/coronavirus-vaccine