Homerton hospital celebrate financially successful year

Homerton University Hospital, of Homerton Row.

Homerton University Hospital, of Homerton Row. - Credit: Archant

Homerton hospital have had a financially successful year, according to their annual report.

The Homerton Row hospital made a profit of £300,000 on a turnover of £255.6million for the year 2012/13, despite many other hospitals struggling with huge debts.

Over the last year, money has been ploughed into redeveloping elderly care, new operating theatres, new endoscopy unit and a new sickle cell day unit by the Homerton University hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Money has also been spent on improving community centres such as St Leonard’s health centre in Nuttall Street, Hoxton.

More than 111,000 people have used the accident and emergency department - a rise of 7.5 per cent on the year before - 97 per cent of which were seen within four hours.

Overall the hospital met or exceeded regulatory and national targets for areas such as waiting times, immunisations and cancer waiting lists, except in terms of infection outbreaks. The number of incidences of clostridium difficile outbreaks were 13 - six more than the national performance target.

The number of incidences at the hospital is now one fifth of what it was five years ago.

The report also mentions two ‘never’ events that occurred at the hospital - one involving a incorrectly placed tube and the other a retained superficial dressing. These are incidents considered “unacceptable” and “eminently preventable” by the Department of Health. Both have been investigated and processes have been changed accordingly to prevent future reoccurrences.

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According to a trust staff survey, 89 per cent of staff felt satisfied with the quality of work and patient care they were able to deliver - compared to a national average of 78 per cent.

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