New unit for mums with mental health problems officially open at Homerton Hospital

A unit for new mums with mental health problems has officially opened at Homerton Hospital.

Baroness Molly Meacher, chairwoman of East London NHS Foundation Trust, unveiled a plaque to formally open the The Margaret Oates Mother and Baby Unit last Thursday (September 23).

The unit, named after a leading perinatal psychiastrist, will help mums from across London and the South East who have been hospitalised with mental health problems to care for their young babies.

Dr Margaret Oates attended the ceremony herself and consultant psychiatrist Dr Liz McDonald led a tour of the unit, which has been open since January.

Baroness Meacher said: “The unit has very quickly established itself as a centre of excellence. It is an honour to have Dr Margaret Oates with us to see the unit formally opened. Units like this have been developed on the basis of research and experience of clinicians like her and Dr McDonald”

Dr Oates said: “I am really envious that East London has such an amazing facility. It means that the Trust knows the importance of having the right environment for women who need to be admitted into hospital for treatment, to enable their babies to remain with them.”