Payment offered for participation in breast cancer awareness workshop

GV of Homerton University Hospital, of Homerton Row.

GV of Homerton University Hospital, of Homerton Row. - Credit: Archant

Women are being offered £60 to take part in a workshop to discuss a DVD promoting breast awareness in the Afro-Caribbean and African community at Homerton University Hospital next Thursday.

Data from Homerton University Hospital shows the average age of presentation with breast cancer in black women is 20 years earlier than their white counterparts, and they are affected by adverse prognostic factors with major clinical implications, like a lower survival rate.

In response to these challenges, the hospital has produced a six minute DVD and they want workshop participants to recommend how it should be used in the future and to discuss alternative strategies for community-based healthcare interventions.

Participation does not require expertise in the medical field, and the team is interested in ideas from a wide range of people from different walks-of-life. Refreshments and a light dinner will also be provided to participants next Thursday June 18 from 5pm to 8pm.

Email or call 07826 748130to take part.