Popeye, knitty Noras and WWF wrestlers make the Hackney hospice calendar

Wrestling, motor racing and lounging on exotic beaches are not places you would expect to find hospice patients.

But with a little help from digital photography 12 patients from St Joseph’s in Mare Street have found their way into their dream scenarios in a special calendar.

Lilian John, 90, has been knitting since the age of nine and appears in the calendar with her friend Arlene, covered from head to toe in wool, as a “knitty Nora”.

The pair made friends at St Joseph’s and now regularly speak to each other on the phone.

“I was the fastest knitter in my class at school and I always knitted for my husband, my kids and myself,” said Lilian.

“I used to get paid a shilling an ounce by the local knitting shop.”

St Joseph’s arts co-ordinator Susannah Hewlett created the images, which also show patients dressed as WWE wrestlers and racing drivers and even Popeye, complete with tattoos, pipe and can of spinach.

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The calendar, called These Are a Few of My Favourite Things, is on sale for �5 in the St Joseph’s cafe.