Volunteer airline crew support Homerton Hospital staff with Wellbee bus

Project Wingman Wellbee bus.

The Project Wingman Wellbee bus will give Homerton Hospital staff a place to unwind and de-stress after, before or during difficult shifts. - Credit: Simon Palmer, Head of Digital Content, Project Wingman

The first mobile well-being lounge has landed at Homerton Hospital to give staff a space to unwind for two weeks. 

The Wellbee lounge is located on a double decker bus provided by Project Wingman, a charity set up and run by current and former airline crew. 

The independent NHS support initiative was launched by members of the airline community in April last year. 

Tonya Chalker, Homerton hospital's charity manager, said: “We are delighted to be chosen as the first port of call for the Wellbee bus.

"It provides a great place to provide much needed relaxation to staff on their breaks from the stresses and strains of working on the wards and other parts of the hospital and community”. 

Project Wingman double decker bus.

It is manned by a volunteer airline crew and will be at Homerton for two weeks. - Credit: Simon Palmer, Head of Digital Content, Project Wingman

The bus, which is manned by a team of local aircrew volunteers is open to Homerton Hospital passengers from 9.45am to 5.15pm every day, including weekends, until Sunday February 14. 

For more information on Project Wingman visit www.projectwingman.co.uk