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Almost half of GP practices in Hackney are not performing as well as the London average in terms of patient satisfaction, a new website shows.

Figures published on Myhealthlondon, which was launched by the NHS and Mayor of London Boris Johnson in December, allow people to compare surgeries in their borough and make comments on an online forum.

The results, which the Gazette has gathered into an interactive map, show that patient satisfaction and ability to see the GP of their choice vary widely in the borough.

The lowest-scoring surgery, Foyntaine Road Health Centre, got 134.36 out of 200 for overall patient satisfaction – significantly below the London average of 162.82. It scored 156.91 out of 300 for how happy patients were with getting appointments with their doctor, compared with 228.93 London-wide.

Just over a mile away, Statham Grove Surgery in Stoke Newington topped the table with a score of 191.14 for satisfaction levels and 274.57 for patients getting to see their GP.

Overall, 21 of the borough’s 45 practices scored below the London-wide average for patient satisfaction. For patients seeing the GP of their choice, 19 were below average.

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The Royal College of General Practitioners, the body that represents family doctors and helped develop the site, says the information offers a clear picture of services.

But some Hackney GPs said the results should not be given too much weight, particularly as they do not take into account the challenges faced by practices in poorer postcode areas, the size of the surgery or the number of doctors.

Dr Nick Mann, of Well St Surgery in Shore Road, hit out at what he called “doctor-shopping”.

“I think the tables create unrealistic expectations and foster a consumerist approach to health care,” he said. “We all want a decent doctor that is near to us. Doctor-shopping misses the point.

“I think this is largely a tool to keep us jumping.”

All London surgeries are rated in areas such as heart disease diagnosis, breast cancer survival and child immunisations.