“Shocking” Child Poverty Map of London shows Hackney is third worst affected area in the UK

A breakdown of child poverty in Hackney shows Haggerston is the most blighted ward - with half of all children living there considered to be living below the poverty line.

The Child Poverty Map of London was published last week by campaign group End Child Poverty, and overall Hackney is the third worst local authority in the UK for child poverty with a figure of 39 per cent, compared to a UK average of 21 per cent.

The poverty line means that, after housing costs, all the household bills and family’s spending needs will need to be met by around �12 or less per family member per day, and the report was compiled using tax credit data.

Within the borough, Hoxton and Hackney Wick are shown to be other deprived areas, with 49 and 48 per cent of children affected, whereas Clissold and Cazenove wards in Stoke Newington are the least affected areas, with the figures standing at 27 and 29 per cent.

Caroline Allen, Green Party London Assembly candidate for the North East constituency, which incorporates Islington, Hackney and Waltham Forest, said the figures were “shocking but not surprising.”

“Successive government’s policies have just made the rich richer and entrenched poverty,” she said.

“Loss of the EMA, job insecurity, changes to housing benefits, to name just a few will surely only makes these figures worse next year across London, unless of course those affected are forced out of the City, will all the stress and disruption that brings to families and children.”

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Tower Hamlets is the worst affected area in the UK with 52 per cent and Islington follows with 43 per cent.