‘Slimming group helped me reverse my type-2 diabetes’ says Stokey woman

Susan's dramatic weight loss means she no longer suffers from type-2 diabetes.

Susan's dramatic weight loss means she no longer suffers from type-2 diabetes. - Credit: Slimming World

Susan Smith reversed her type 2 diabetes and lost over five stone three years ago after joining a local Slimming World group at the Stoke Newington’s Old Fire Station on Leswin Road.

Susan reached her target weight in February last year.

Susan reached her target weight in February last year. - Credit: Slimming World

The 66-year-old said she felt lazy and lethargic before joining and tried all sorts of diets over the years but nothing seemed to work. She was on medication to manage dangerously high blood sugar levels and her doctor told her she would need to start having insulin injections.

Susan said the Stoke Newington group helped her change the way she thinks about food.

She told the Gazette: "My husband would have been so proud of me. He kept telling me for years: 'Why don't you lose weight for your health? [But] you know what it's like when somebody keeps pestering you to do it - you go the other way."

Susan was a size 24-26 before she started her slimming journey and weighed over 15 stone. Now she's a size 10 and feels much more confident.

"Years ago, even when I was younger I wouldn't dress up. I wore a witch's outfit this Halloween and this Christmas I was an Elf.

I wouldn't do things like that before. I know it sounds childish but it's something I always wanted to do when I was younger but I didn't have the confidence."

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She said losing the weight has taken a lot of hard work but it's been worth it.

"I wouldn't give in because I'm like that. Once I get my head fixed on something I will not give in and I just kept going and going."

Slimming World helped her change her diet and the way she was eating. She keeps food diaries and group meetings give her support and a place to share advice and weight loss stories with friends. Still, she says she cheats every so often.

"We all like to have a little treat now and again. Over Christmas I put a little bit on but I'm getting it back off again and I'm so happy, I've never been happier," said Susan.

She no longer needs insulin shots or medication for her diabetes. The only problem she's had with her weight-loss is finding space for all her new clothes. "Before it was just your normal jumper and t-shirt. I can't get anymore clothes in my wardrobe now," Susan said.

"We know the obesity crisis is a ticking timebomb, and type 2 diabetes is linked to obesity too. We believe the support you get from being in a warm, empowering group environment is key to helping you eat more healthily and becoming more active too," said Maxine who runs the group.

The Stoke Newington group meets every Wednesday at 9.30am and 11.30am at The Old Fire Station, 61 Leswin Road. To join call Maxine on 07852 448541 or pop along.

For more information, motivation and recipe ideas visit www.slimmingworld.co.uk.