Stoke Newington tot cannot celebrate birthday with cake

A toddler is unable to eat birthday cake after doctors discovered he is allergic to more than 10 common foods.

Seventeen-month-old Sidney could suffer a life-threatening reaction if he ate the sweet treat because he is allergic to the wheat and egg it contains.

His severe allergies have changed his family’s life as they have to be extremely careful about the foods with which he comes into contact.

Mum Alexa Baracaia, of Stoke Newington, said: “We have been to first birthday parties and whilst other kids were tucking into cake, Sidney ate boiled courgette.”

“I don’t think he noticed at that age but I think it probably gets more difficult the older they get as they mix more with other kids.”

Ms Baracaia, 38, prepares all of Sidney’s food from scratch and has to make sure other children do not eat foods he is allergic to before they share toys.

Five per cent of children in the UK have food allergies but it is less common for children to have as many allergies as Sidney.

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Now Ms Baracaia is helping launch a new support group in Stoke Newington in June to help other parents facing the same problems.

“If you go online there are a lot of horror stories but no practical advice,” she said.

“When you find out your child has an allergy you want to talk to other parents and find out what they are doing.

“That is the reason for the support group.”

Set up by St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, the group will bring parents together to share advice and recipe tips.

Further details will be announced at