Teenage pregnancies continue to fall in Hackney

The number of teenage pregnancies in Hackney is continuing to fall new figures released this week show.

The Public Health England statistics report there were 118 conceptions in Hackney and the City during 2012 amongst under 18s, compared to 128 conceptions in 2011, 170 in 2010 and 273 in 1998.

Since the national teenage pregnancy strategy was launched in 2000, Hackney’s under-18 conception rate has fallen by 63.8 per cent.

Work to reduce teenage pregnancy has included supporting schools to improve their sex and relationships education, dedicated clinical services for teenagers and safer sex advice with free condoms via pharmacies, youth clubs and clinics through the London-wide condom distribution scheme called “Come Correct”.

Over the past year more than 80,000 free condoms have been provided to under-25s in the borough.