Help save Stoke Newintgton’s historic pathways

Campaign to create a definitive map of London

A Stoke Newington rambler is urging residents to help “Put London on the Map.”

Lizzy Pollard is adding her support to a Rambers’ Association campaign to keep walking routes open and visible across London.

In England and Wales footpaths cannot easily be blocked or built on because they are recorded on a definitive map – but inner London has no such legal protection.

This means some of the paths we use everyday could be taken away from us, for example by development or someone illegally blocking the path.

Ms Pollard, who lives in Stoke Newington High Street, said: “I think it’s very important that you have access to public space in an inner city, and the campaign highlights that those paths and public spaces we take for granted could be at risk.

“If that was the case local councils wouldn’t have a case against an obstruction, unless those paths were mapped.

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“Then if someone had parked a car across, or put a fence up, or built something across the pathway, the local authority would have a much easier way to get the obstruction removed,” added the 38-year old who is a member of Metropolitan Walkers, a group for London residents in their 20s and 30s.

“People sometimes think walking is about going out on a big hike, but in London it can be about enjoying local parks, canal walks, river paths.

“A lot of people live in flats without any outside space - so it would be terrible if they were to go,” she said.

Residents are asked to call on Hackney Council to create its own definitive map.

In the meantime, the Rambers Association is lobbying government to change legislation, which will give inner London borough councils the duty to create definitive maps.

For more information and to join the campaign, visit

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