Famous Hoxton venue where Franz Ferdinand and Florence and the Machine played could lose live music licence

The Macbeth pub.

The Macbeth pub. - Credit: Archant

Hoxton music pub The Macbeth faces closure after getting hit with a licence review in the same week bosses signed a new 13 year lease.

The Macbeth in Hoxton could lose its music licence.

The Macbeth in Hoxton could lose its music licence. - Credit: Archant

In 2013 manager Mark Robinson told the Gazette he feared the building of nine flats would lead to noise complaints and therefore closure of the historic pub, which has played host to the likes of Florence and the Machine and Franz Ferdinand.

And while those flats in question are still being developed, due to complaints from existing neighbours about noise and public urination the council has issued them with a licence review.

Officers are recommending only allowing the pub to be open until 10pm on weekdays and 11pm on weekends - down from its current 2am closing time on some nights - and revoking the license for it to operate as a music venue altogether.

Mark said that would effectively shut it down.

"If the Macbeth was just a normal pub it would go out of business," he told the Gazette at the pub last week.

It has been a turbulent few years for the famous pub.

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In March last year it launched a fundraiser to help save it from a takeover by the landlord Enterprise Inns. That battle ended last week when they renewed their lease.

Director Armand Wysocki said: "The past two years we've had a massive battle with our landlords and in the same week that finally got resolved we got hit with this license issue."

Mark added: "We didn't get a chance to really celebrate because it was a pyrrhic victory."

The pub received 32 visits from licensing officers since August of last year where they observed noise issues and people going across the street to urinate in the housing estate.

Armand said in the entire time the licensing officers were monitoring the pub there was no violent behaviour and that the council's decision was unfair.

Mark pledged they were happy to work with their neighbours to address any issues they have. He said: "Of course we care about our neighbours and are happy to cooperate with them and will double our efforts to address their concerns."

People wanting to comment ahead of the review have until July 17.