Holiday for Hackney sisters who lost their mum to cancer last Christmas

Sisters Abby and Izzy with their mum Camille.

Sisters Abby and Izzy with their mum Camille. - Credit: Francesca Jones

A secret GoFundMe campaign is raising money to take two girls on their first holiday after they lost their mother to cervical cancer.

The girls' step-mum hasn't told them about the trip yet as she wasn't sure they would even raise eno

The girls' step-mum hasn't told them about the trip yet as she wasn't sure they would even raise enough money. It'�s up to Abby and Izzy where they will go on holiday - Harry Potter world is definitely on the cards. - Credit: Francesca Jones

Francesca Jones launched the page for her step-daughters, Abby and Izzy, whose mother Camille was diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer last year after feeling unwell and suffering from severe back pain.

"[The doctors] felt it was treatable and Camille underwent radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It was difficult for the girls to see their mum so unwell," Francesca told the Gazette.

"Abigail, who's a bit older, took on more responsiblity. She very much mothered Izzy anyway but [began] doing a lot more to help out her mum. She learned some basic cooking and started ironing to help out. It was really sweet," Francesca said.

Despite being told the cancer wasn't terminal, Camille died on Abi's 12th birthday in December at the age of 40. It was a huge shock to the family and only gave the girls about two weeks to prepare themselves and say goodbye.

"She was an absolutely lovely woman. The way the girls are is a credit to her - and their dad - but mainly to Camille because a lot of the time she was bringing them up on her own."

Francesca says Abby and Izzy have been very brave despite losing their mum so suddenly. The Hackney schoolgirls have already had to deal with their father, a former Grenadier Guard in the British army, being based away from home and serving two tours in Aghanistan.

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"Everyone's got their problems and there's so much misery in the world - its really touching that people are bothered. It will mean so much to the girls as well."

The GoFundMe has already reached its target of £500. Any extra money raised will go to Mcmillan Cancer support because of the brilliant care Camille received from Mcmillan nurses when she got sick.

As well as a trip in her memory Francesca hopes to plant something for Camille in the Spring.

"I've got quite a big garden and rabbits. Everytime one of the rabbits has died the girls put the ashes in a pot and plant a flower over it. I'll get a nice plant pot for them and they can plant something in memory of their mum."

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