Homeless Hackney man buys chocolates for selfless volunteer Dee Dee

Dee Dee took to Twitter to write about the generous gift

Dee Dee took to Twitter to write about the generous gift - Credit: Archant

A woman who goes out of her way to help homeless people in the East End got a magic moment when one of them bought her a box of Quality Street.

Donna “Dee Dee” Faruggia offers a bite to eat, a drink and clothing to those in need with her organisation Dee Dee Help The Homeless.

And grateful Hackney man David bought her a box of chocolates with change given to him while he slept to say thank you for some clothes.

“I feel blessed,” she told the Gazette. “It’s so nice for someone that hasn’t got hardly anything to buy me some chocolates.

“He gave them to another lady and she gave them to me last week. When I see him I’ll say thank you because I think it’s amazing.”

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