‘Homerton Hospital saved my baby’ says mother after umbilical cord prolapse

Cate, Ellen and Jenny

Cate, Ellen and Jenny - Credit: Archant

A mother who gave birth under dramatic and dangerous circumstances when her waters broke suddenly a month early has praised Homerton Hospital for saving her baby’s life.

Jenny Berggren Roberts’ cord prolapsed when she went into labour on April 3 at home.

Umbilical cord prolapse occurs when the cord comes out of the uterus at with or before the presenting part of the baby, and can result in a decrease in blood flow and oxygen to the baby’s brain.

It is a relatively rare condition occurring in less than one per cent of pregnancies.

Thankfully Berggren Roberts’ neighbour Cate Hulse, a midwife from Homerton Hospital took charge, and called the hospital to make sure they were ready for their arrival, and accompanied Ms Berggren Roberts in the ambulance and into the delivery room.

Ms Berggren Roberts is sure it is thanks to her, the ambulance crew and the staff on duty that night that their baby, Ellen, was delivered safely.

She said: “I have since been told several times by other midwives and health workers that it is very rare to have a happy outcome if cord prolapse happens at home rather than at hospital when care can be urgently given.

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“So I believe it isn’t just that we were lucky, it’s that we were lucky enough to have the best people imaginable helping us.”